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Problem in WA3002 G1 Modem

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    Default Problem in WA3002 G1 Modem

    Hi i recently got BSNL Broadband internet.
    some websites not opening for me like hotmail and etc.. I tried lot of ways changing DNS and MTU value.. Nothing works

    Finally i decided try connect in Bridge Mode. It works perfectly. All websites opening now.

    I think that WA3002G1 Modem having problem in PPPoE mode..

    My request to New BSNL Broadband Users don't go for Type 2 Modem(WA3002-G1).

    Try Type 4 Modem(WA3002-G4). It is excellent modem my friend is using.. It has 4 Ethernet ports and Wireless. In this modem PPPoE modem works fine.. No issues like not opening some websites.:hammer::hammer:

    Steps for Connecting Bridge Mode


    1. In IE type
    2.Give user name and password (By default username: admin password:admin)
    3.In the Window goto Quickwizard
    4.In this select Run Wizard
    5.Select Bridge Mode and restart ur modem

    Steps for Creating Dialer

    1.In Windows XP select Start->Run
    2.Type ncpa.cpl
    3.It will open Network Connections Window
    4.In the left side select Create New Connection

    5. Network Connection Wizard will open and click next
    6. Select Connect to Internet( By default selected) and click next
    7. Select setup My Connection Manually and click next
    8. Select second option ( Connect using broadband connection that requires user name and password) and click next button
    9.Set the ISP Name for example Dataone

    10. Give ur Broadband user id and password and click next
    11. Finish
    12. Dial Ur Connection to connect internet

    If any query ask me. My email ID: vellore.dhana (at)

    I hope this steps help other.
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    Modem WA g3002-g1

    Please see

    Reason/s why in "Always ON" mode

    certain web sites do not open,

    needs more analysis.
    "Bridged Mode" is a stopgap arrangement.

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