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How to setup bsnl wi-fi?

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    Default How to setup bsnl wi-fi?

    Dear All:

    I have a BSNL Broadband connection at home.

    I have got an Airtel 440TXI ADSL2 Modem from one of my friend. I intend to use it with my BSNL broadband connection and make it Wi-Fi .

    Can anyone help me with complete setup details. I am a novice in this area and solicit your step-by-step configuration details.

    P.S: I visited BSNL Calcutta Telephones website but could not identify my borrowwed Airtel Modem with the modems listed there.

    Thanks in advance.

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    It is difficult to guide you step by step for your specific modem. But if you visit the Broadband How to section, you will find many other guides. Use them as a reference.

    Also read the 'Announcement'.
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    Airtel 440TXI ADSL2 Modem

    See these web sites . Programming pages can be identical.

    New Page 1

    Chennai Telephones- Changing password in DataOne Pre-configured modem with screen shots. see Part II.

    ONLY Important point VPI VCI for BSNL is 0 and 35.
    Of course you have to use Bsnl UserID and Password !!!!

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