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Varied results for speedtest + will port forwarding help?

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    Default Varied results for speedtest + will port forwarding help?

    I am getting varied results everytime im checking my speed at And its never above 100kbps,can sum1 please tell me how to get it near 256kbps? im on 750ul+
    and if port forwarding will help,plz tell me how to do it.

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    If you are getting 100kbps then you should complaint this to the BSNL customer care unit at first because obviously in plan home 750 UL you should get more speed.
    (Another think you can post speed test result also and please try to check Mumbai & Brisbane server)

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    Port fowarding will not help. Port forwarding does not increase speed. It ensures that traffic is not blocked because ports are closed. Port forwarding/triggering is meant to allow direct connections in for peer-to-peer networking such as torrents download or online gaming.
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