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Info Needed: On Home UL 750 Plus

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    Default Info Needed: On Home UL 750 Plus

    I am thinking of taking Home UL 750 Plus and it is going to be a new connection so what are the costs involved

    Modem (not needed as i have it)
    1 month Security Deposit i.e. 750 right (is this refundable)
    Is it only 750+taxes monthly or anything more

    Do i have to pay for my new land line connection anything extra


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    for home 750 plan, u have to pay Rs. 180 they take as fixed monthly charges on any landline connections u get some free calls from your landline phone, so for home 750 plan
    Rs 750 + Rs 180 + Rs x(landline usage)= Rs 930+x/month

    for home 750+ plan, u dont have to pay fixed monthly rental of rs 180, but u wont get any free calls from ur landline(if u dont use ur landline much, 750+ is a better plan than 750 for ovious reason that u save Rs 180.)

    speed is same for both.

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    There is a service tax of 12.36% on total amount. Other than that there are no hidden charges. Security deposit is of course refindable when you surrender the connection.
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    yup, forgot the service tax charges.. add that too
    Rs 750+ Rs 180 + Rs x=y, your bill =y+((yX12.36)/100).

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