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SIEMENS SL2_141 ADSL MODEM (Type II) - How to use 2 PCs on a single broadband connect

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    Post SIEMENS SL2_141 ADSL MODEM (Type II) - How to use 2 PCs on a single broadband connect

    Hi Folks,

    I have a Siemens SL2_141 ADSL Modem (Type II) with Bsnl dataone home plan 750 unlimited. I have two computers - 1 desktop and other a Sony Vaio laptop. Both have Win XP SP3. I have a router cum modem given by BSNL. I am able to connect to Internet individually on both laptop and desktop. I know it is possible to use 2 PCs on a single broadband connection. My challenge now is getting connected to both at once and I have been unsuccessful. If any could throw light on this problem, I would be grateful to you.

    I connect wirelessly to the Internet using the router. When I did that the first time, I got the WPA Pre-Shared key. Unfortunately I haven't noted that number at that time. Now, I am getting only the WPA-PSK window, not the key. Any idea, how can I get the key back?????

    It would be helpful if anyone having idea on how the same network icon be activated in PPPoE mode?


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    Kindly checkout SL2_141 ADSL MODEM (Type-B) MENU

    The steps have been detailed under ADSL Modem Configuration for multiuse.

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    Ensure DHCP enabled in modem.
    Select Obtain IP address automatically in TCP/IP
    Also see apart from lin k given above.

    With screen shots
    Chennai Telephones- Changing password in DataOne Pre-configured modem

    Google search: Password revealer.

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