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Broadband issues in Mysore

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    Question Broadband issues in Mysore

    Hello Friends,

    I am Vaseem from Mysore. I am having some strange issues with internet connection from last 8-10 days. I am not able to connect to any website. the pages just doesn't open up...I use lot of messengers like yahoo, gtalk etc. and I am able to connect to any one of the messenger but not the websites. Ater around 1 hour, the issue gets resloved automatically. I thought I am the only person with this kind of error..but one of my friend who lives in other part of the town is also facing the same issue..

    From last 3 days, it has just become worst...the sites are not not opening at all..if i am connected to messengers..the link just gets broken down..and if i am transferring files, the transfer rate comes in the speed of bytes/second...

    I tried calling up the customer care..but those idiots don't respond...only one some stupid guy recieved the call and he said that he is transferring my call...but he never did that..he just ended the call..and later on no one is recieving.. the customer care number i tried was 18004241600...

    Can anybody help me solve this issue?

    Thanks in advance

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    May be it's BSNL server problem but still try to change the opendns option also

    or (i am using now)
    if problem does not solved then call to the Customer care unit repeatedly or if you know any local or zonal number of BSNL office then call them and ask about that matter.

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    Default Thank you

    Hi Rup,

    Thanks a lot. I will try that! From yesterday it is working fine

    Thanks once again..
    Take care

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