I've been using BSNL DataOne for quite some time now. I have a Home UL 750 plan, and I have bought a Type 2 modem. It was working just fine until recently.

Lately, the connection has been horrible. For no reason, it will suddenly go off, and the ADSL link breaks. I called them up, and they did something to the cable in front of my house. While it hasn't particularly affected the internet (which still seems to get disconnected every now and then), the phone line has certainly got smoother.

Today, a couple of people from BSNL came over with a laptop. When they connected one of the ETHERNET ports from the modem/router (It has 4 ports at the back for ETHERNET), they got the internet to work, but it was still not working on my PC.

I have absolutely no clue what could be wrong. Any suggestions at all are welcome.