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ZTE ZXDSL 531 Reviews Pls.

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    Question ZTE ZXDSL 531 Reviews Pls.

    After talking to my friends i have found that ZTE ZXDSL 531 (Type II) modem provided by BSNL is not bad (as i thought previously)

    I'd like to get some reviews on the modem - any probs with it, range, security of wifi and other general points.

    What do you recommend - ZTE ZXDSL 531 or purchase from market?

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    New thread opened by you, which could have been avoided. I think you rejected rental option earlier .

    Modem Charges Modem Type
    Modem Sale Price (One time charges) Type-I Type-II Type-III Type-IV
    Rs.1000 Rs.1600 Rs.1000 Rs.1600
    Monthly Rental Rs.50 Rs.80 Rs.50 Rs.80

    Monthly Rental after 24 months
    Rs. 25 Rs. 40 Rs. 25 Rs. 40

    You wont get in the market a 3 in 1 adsl modem/router+ wifi
    for Rs 1600/=
    or on rental basis Rs 80 PM .
    If available on rental basis opt for it. TRY.
    If OK for you buy it outright.

    What is the Wifi range you have in mind ?
    How many systems ?
    From 18th to 3rd floor in a flat complex ?
    Usually a range radius of 30 to 40 feet claimed
    (*conditions apply !)

    Brand names : Buffalo/Linksys/D-link/Netgear .
    Google for details/ models/specs etc.
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