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will bsnl implement the "fair usage policy" like other isp's?

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    Red face will bsnl implement the "fair usage policy" like other isp's?

    fair usage policy is being implemented by all the isp's in india except for bsnl and mtnl.regarding bsnl i personally think that since bsnl is a government owned isp it wont be that easy for them to just follow the footsteps of other private players and do what they are doing...what do you guys think?

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    Default BSNL option for "FUP" limiting speed on U/L plans

    Even otherwise BSNL download speeds are not up to maximum speed.

    Because of high contention ratio nobody gets
    the full advertised speed say upto 2 Mbps!

    BSNL is implementing policies to make
    Internet/BB usage more popular, like 20@% discount for Govt employees/rural packages ( about 500 new servers in Villages ) at 50% of urban tariff etc.
    More the users, more the eqpts/exchanges
    setup required , and more employment for our people.

    Rest assured, that there won't be any cap on downloads,
    but advertised speeds will not be assured !

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    i get some 250-260kBps and i think its the advertised speed...

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    Is is possible that Airtel may have implemented FUP under pressure from Movie and music industry, both domestic and Hollywood based? I mean it is an open secret that piracy via internet is rampant in India.

    I don't think BSNL will bow down to such pressure tactics from anyone.

    my 2paisa.

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    Hell no.. It would not be fair even if BSNL does this kinda fair usage policy

    Anyway i wont be under risk since my internet connection is just 256kbps (Hope so)

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    If they decide to have a cap....the cap can be around 50 GB ~75 GB
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    Sad day that instead of speculating about increase in speeds or something, we have to discuss about possible caps in downloads. Damn!!!!!

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    Default why low upload/download speed

    actually internet download/upload speed dependes upon various factors even after availibility of sufficient bandwidth in the ISP network.each ISP is connected to international ISP and international ISP has its own network.BSNL being a national ISP is having sufficient bandwidth with in its network.when we download/upload any content from the internet thedownload/upload speed depends upon-
    1.At what badwidth the content supplying server is connected with the internet cloud.If it at low badwith then you will get low download/upload speed.
    2.How many users are connected with this server.
    3.Whether you are downloading/uploading from national or international server.
    4.And at last it your PC configuration,Local lead condition,Type of Broadband plan etc.

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