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cell no.

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    Smile cell no.

    How could i know by the first four digits of the cell no. that this no. is of which state?

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    You might want to check this out..

    Click me

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    pretty kool site

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    Is there any website which gives the details information about the user of a Cellnumber???

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    unfortunately, the unified directory is still a long way to go. so the answer is No.

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    Is there any website which gives the details information about the user of a Cellnumber???
    Why ? You can dial the number and find out .
    If the cellphone is not active , the person will check
    "missed calls " and call you back , if interested.
    Or send an SMS !

    Earlier BSNL did not list L/L numbers in their Directory or web site ,,if requested On privacy concerns.
    ( you can find details of BSNL L/L active numbers in respective circle web sites )
    Even if a directory of ALL India cell phone users is made , most of them may be " cancelled" or "Inactive"
    users switching providers often..
    Updating millions of numbers is a useless task.
    Imagine paper required for Hard copy !

    Cellphone providers can give the information
    provided they know " WHO needs it and WHY "

    PS: Interesting News to day.
    In Chennai a brand new Honda car stolen ,was traced in 3 hours by POLICE by activating the cellphone left in the car.
    Police asked assistance from Provider to track the location !
    An officer of A.G office arrested !

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