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How do I change from one plan to another ?

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    Default How do I change from one plan to another ?

    Guys, I have the 250 per month plan (1 GB). I find it insufficient. So I want to change to 500 per month plan (2.5 GB). Can you tell me what are the steps I should take to enable this change ?

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    Go to your exchange and give an application for change.
    Get the "CHAPA'" rubber stamp receipt in your own duplicate copy.

    Usually if you apply any day in a month, supposed to be effected from 1st Of following month.

    But it is possible the plan can be changed immediately also.

    Para two: Check daily your usage in the Portal ( with your 14digit ID and PW )
    Confirm Plan 500 is "provisioned."

    Then as per advice of @meetdilip RECONFIRM
    from your exchange CC it is changed.

    Then go for U/L download( between 0200AM and 0800 AM.) and d/l small file or surf say between
    0700AM and 0755 AM. Disconnect.


    Next day RECHECK usage is shown as 0 !!

    Don't say later " I changed the plan and started d/l and now I am billed for Rs 30,000/= etc" and blame BSNL "!


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