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Increase your NU by half an hour

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    Default Increase your NU by half an hour

    Another one by the genius whom BSNL hired. BSNL has a 30 minute slot in their chargeable time. The current NU is 2.00 am to 8.00 am. Stop reset your modem at 7.50, then up to 8.20 will be counted into NU. If 7.58 then 8.28 am. Never used. Saw screen shots by users whose usage after 8.00 am not charged. Knowing BSNL, please be careful while trying.

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    but did u start downloading @ 2am, coz i think if u start @ 2 u will be charged after 8 even if u reconnect @ 7:58

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    The screen shots say otherwise. They are from different users. Just try disconnecting at 7.55 am and try a very small download till 8.10 am. So you can check yourselves.

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    Yes, it works ! The only imp thing is to log out before 0800 hrs (say 0755 hrs) and login immediately within 10-15 seconds i.e., before 0800 hrs. Like he says try with a small download at first, but be prepared to be surprised by BSNL. Sometimes they change rules without telling us ! Best thing would be to check everyday your BB usage and go by your own experience.

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    Hey people. I also know that this works. I knew it for over six months.

    But do not try this - it is extremely risky.
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    nice find , i m gonna try

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