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BSNL Broadband DNS Server IP Address

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    What are the IP addresses for BSNL Broadband DNS Server. I am using, the OpenDNS, sometimes various sites including do not respond.

    Any one can tell correct DNS IP Address ?

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    Default Bsnl dns

    Any one can tell correct(*bsnl) DNS IP Address
    may be some more.
    Check locations / at

    sometimes various sites including
    Change MTU value to 1492 or lower and try.
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    I have tried DNS run by Mtnl and Bsnl as well as some other ISPs for different connections that I have but the only one that is always up and running and has the best latency on every ISP is the Google's DNS.

    It does not matter which ISP you are using and you do not need BSNL DNS address for using BSNL broadband. You can still use Google DNS and it should help provide a better internet experience

    These are the primary and secondary DNS from Google :

    Try checking the latency and see for yourself. It should give you the best results in my opinion.

    Quote Originally Posted by essbebe View Post
    Check locations / at
    Ip location has got nothing to do with this. An IP may show up as a USA IP or anywhere really and the server may be located just next door to you. That tool on the website is just too bad and only looks at the IP ranges and never really queries from arin to find out where the IP has been binded to and who owns it. It is just there for fun and no real use. If you want to check who owns the IP and where it is registered at you should check the Arine website.

    Google DNS ips will show up as USA but check the latency and you will find out it would be less then 50ms from most locations in India.

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