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Doubt regarding billing

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    Default Doubt regarding billing

    I got my broadband on 21st april.I used 795mb that month.Today i got bill from 1-3-09 to 30-4-09 ordinary one rs 278.It didnt include that months broadband usage and modem charge(expected in the first month's bill)

    I am afraid of next month's bill it will be huge

    800mb for 10days in april+may's broadband bill+may's phone bill+modem charge (1800)

    Why didnt they include april's broadband bill in that months phone bill ?

    Hmm..anything can happen in bsnl.Limited plan is risky one billing error can do serious harm.But i am very satisfied with 2mbps speed.Always getting 220-230KBps for direct download.Also no connection probs.

    But main thing is that my father is paying the bill.

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    It should have came in your latest bill. If you are concerned, please check with the accounts section in BSNL.

    It can also be a beneficial error as BSNL may not charge this in later bill. BSNL procedure and Chinese are similar, nothing is certain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meetdilip View Post
    BSNL procedure and Chinese similar, nothing is certain.
    thats a new one

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    Lolsss :d i didnt got that too, chinese bsnl connection...
    job takes the child away.

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    dial 1500 on ur phone and follow the steps to enquire abouot your bill
    It gives you a uptodat bill!!

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