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    Default Question?

    i have a question!

    if i want to change my plan then can i do it from the internet or i have to go to BSNL and give them application.........

    can i do with my portal id????

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    you have to give an application in person, with a copy of previous phone bill as proof.

    You will get a call to confirm that you want to change your plan.

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    Bsnl is not that much sophisticated.

    Even people there dont know what exactly the plan is.

    They will hand you a catalog and you cant ask one single question that is not in the paper

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    BSNL people will not change the plan properly when the application is given in person, forget about online.

    so, better always give application in person and retain the copy of it after they have put the seal "Accepted" on it, dont forget to mention the date on it and ask them from when it will be changed, if possible write the possible plan change date on that form only and take a photo copy of it.

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