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upload problem

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    Default upload problem

    i am havin a problem with uploading. I tried many times but i could not attach a file with size more than 40kB in gmail and other accounts also.

    i am havin the same problem while uploading photos to orkut. Is there any problem with the modem. I am using the modem "bsnl UT300R2U" type-1 (Home 500c plan).

    I am havin this problem since i hav got a broadband connection that is 20 days..
    I hav tried uploading in different browsers- internet explorer, google chrome, safari, mozilla firefox...etc

    please help....
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    Do you use a firewall ? If yes, disable it and try.

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    What is the exact problem you are facing ?

    • Does it shows error messages when uploading files more than 40 kB in size ?
    • Does it only happens with Google websites ? (Try uploading a file to some other website like Mediafire)

    Also post the SNR and Attenuation values from the Modem/Router status page.

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    Default upload problem

    yes it wil give a attachment failure in gmail, and upload failure error in orkut.

    i also tried in Mediafire but it also gave an error. i was attempting to upload an image of size 405kB.

    SNR : downstream=33.9 upstream=18.2.
    attenuation : downstream=21.5 upstream=12.1;

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