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Page cannot be displayed error

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    Default Page cannot be displayed error

    I get page cannot be displayed error with dataone. My Ip address shows What is the problem can anyone help me?

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    we need your OS & modem details to respond ...

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    I agree that you have to give information like Operting Sytem and Modem too,

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    No matter which OS your are working If you are able to check the ip address of your system then i assume you know how to set the IP address on your system then please ask your ISP for the ipaddress and put that in and it will start working again. Probably has run a /flush dns command on your system which removed the ip address from your system but dint run the /ipconfig renew command which actually gets the DNS automaticaly on your computer.

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    Sandra, Guess What??

    It sure did work. Thanks a ton. You solved my problem. You are a true gem.

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    if by any chance the primary harware connetion to Internet was broken, you would get what you have seen, i.e, IP going

    Win XP will actaully tell you if the connection is broken or not.
    once the physical connection is back, win XP will repair the connection automatically and gets you the IP for sure.


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