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BSNL Broadband Unlimited Data Transfer Package

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    India Broadband Internet

    Default BSNL Broadband Unlimited Data Transfer Package

    BSNL Broadband Unlimited Data Transfer Package

    As usual, this is breaking news on Broadband Blog.

    After much wrangling, phone calls and abuses, BSNL has finally launched its unlimited access. The official notification is yet to come online- but it took enough grace on the behalf of Deputy Director General, Broadband, to give me a call and ask me to submit the application for the plan change.

    For those who are following this Blog for regular updates- I would suggest that you submit your application before 1st May. Surprisingly, the Customer “Care” Centre is open on Sundays and before the billing plans change over, you’d be in a position to have the unlimited connection by 1st (hopefully). (The planned tariff is Rs 900 per month- decent I believe).

    The “customer care” babu couldn’t think beyond the manual entry and was shunting me from one desk to another. I have seen the red tape and excessive fascination for rules and regulations from very close quarters. This is the naked fangs of Government of India in real life. I had to complain to the General Manager of my area to accept my application! Something that’s the job of a low-level clerk.

    Arguably, the increased “competition” has made the things slightly better. BSNL has been forced to improve its service delivery; however, it remains a case of misguided enthusiasm. The average age of the customer care “executive” is 40+, which makes any enthusiasm on their behalf a BIG suspect. The men folk are pot bellied and sloppy; with reflexes so slow, that would shame a limping tortoise.

    It would take some real genuine competition to shake up the things. Especially when the top heads are made responsible for the shrinking customer base. Shape up or ship out ought to be the new mantra.

    There are indeed a lot of blemishes; the customer care toll free remains a model of apathy (what associated with BSNL isn’t) and despite the intentions to keep it as a central nodal agency for the complaints, it keeps you on a perpetual hold. A sorry instance of taxpayer’s money going down the **** hole.

    Still, as the Broadband forums say, BSNL is government powered Broadband. We are happy to have something of substance, than be at the bottom of pyramid, like in Africa. Where arguably, the only instance of being alive is that well, you are alive.

    It would take a huge post to list out the chronology of events/ chain emails/ mass mailings to the “honchos” of BSNL. I’d desist and instead focus on the other events as they are happening.

    I’d like to end on a happy note here. Freedom from rationing access; and perhaps Broadband would deliver what it was supposed to do. A decent access finally. And perhaps for the FIRST time EVER in my LIFE. Unlimited Internet. Even if it crawls at 256k (best case scenario), I am happy.

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    Question Mcu

    But what about this MCU Charges/Pulse 1.00.

    Can you plz explain this MCU Charges/Pulse?

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    I also saw this written :
    MCU Charges/Pulse 1.00
    Are these hidden charges

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    Quote Originally Posted by farmboy
    I also saw this written :
    MCU Charges/Pulse 1.00
    Are these hidden charges
    i asked one technician who came down my home to set uo 256Kbps home 500 plan...According to him,
    they are not hidden charges ..they are related to ur BSNL land Phone Charge ..Net is unlimited and no additional charge for that ... U hav two schemes in this unlimited option ...UL and UL plus changes ur Telephone Scheme ,ie u will not hav to pay any rentfor u phone but 1 rupee per pulse ..the other no changes at all .so it depends our scheme on the telephone ...

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    Default buddy the given inforamtion is fake

    the bsnl broadband unlimited connection has only 750rs per month and
    tax 60rs. when using this plan we have to give only 80ps per call.
    the speed is 2mb to 256kb/s. most of the time the speed ranges from 350 to500. some times it will go to a smaller speed than it reffered here.
    the plan i mentioned here is home unlimited. the next one is buisiess unlimitted. it has 2 mb/s speed and the cost is rs.1325/month.+taxes

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