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How to set up a Local Area Network (LAN)

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    Default How to set up a Local Area Network (LAN)

    Step one: Install the NIC Cards. These fit into the PCI slots inside your computers. No brainer. Just like any other PCI card you ever inserted.

    Step two: Connect the cables from the NIC Card to the Hub. The cable ends look like telephone plugs but are slightly larger. Plug 'em in just like you would a telephone. Even guitarists will not have trouble here.

    Step Three: Install the software. Its typically all plug 'N Play hardware, so Windows will automatically sense it and ask for disks. Of course, this is not supposed to be hard, though as we know, sometimes PNP does not work as advertised. It's easier than installing a soundcard, and way easier than SCSI. Recently there are new USB systems which are bound to be easier.

    Step Four: Designate which folders (or drives) are to be shared between computers. Simple as any file operation. Just right click the folder, look for the menu called "sharing" and click it on.

    Does that sound simpler?

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    Thanks Sandra, for sharing this useful information with all of us. This was for windows now can anyone post for Linux now.

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    well ! let me share the original source of this
    information : how to network your studio

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    ^mmm, can you give us the source for linux as well. I have two kinux based systes at home. Help me in setting up LAN in them.

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