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Ninth generation Server and Storage- When will it reach india

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    Smile Ninth generation Server and Storage- When will it reach india

    Improving Utilization of system resources
    Ninth Generation Server and Storage are released for improving utilization of system resources. By implementing server and storage consolidation, business can enhance management control and utilization of their IT infrastructure. Although consolidation is a way to collect disparate computing resources, consolidating onto complex platforms typically moves the pressure point from one spot to another. The benefits of consolidation clearly emerge when business consolidate on industry standard platform which are designed to reduce complexity and promote integration. The adoption of technologies such as virtualization also helps enterprises improve resource utilization.

    Scaling out to meet avoiding needs
    Simplifying operations and improving resources utilization leads to the opportunity enabled by scalable enterprise: cost effective scale-out. Using industry standard building blocks and integrated systems management tools, enterprise can grow the IT infrastructure in practical, affordable increments-allocating computer and human resources ay they are needed. The modularity of servers and storage systems facilitates the management of unexpected growth, spikes in business can quickly be handled by adding incremental capacity, such as additional servers and storage, or by scaling to more advanced technology, such as quad-core Intel Xenon processors or 4 Gbps Fibre channel infrastructures. Industry standard data centre components enable modular expansion in practical, planned phases-helping organizations to eliminate overbuying patterns for up front investments based on project needs and instead to maximize their budget by growing the IT infrastructure in place with actual business requirements.
    Though the flexibility of the ninth generation server architecture, features such as SAS storage, PCI Express, and fully buffered DIMMs provide the capacity to meet future business needs within existing systems. From a storage perspective, the ability to deploy early components for a 4 Gbps Infrastructure today allows business to continue using existing SAN architectures while simultaneously preparing for the future.

    Planning for growth and stability
    One size does not fit all. This online tool asks a brief series of questions about the number of users; performance and availability needs; network infrastructure; print and file service; email; messaging and collaboration systems; business applications and web services to be hosted; and firewall, load balancing, and high performance clustering requirements.
    Ninth generation server and storage helps ensures cost effective uptime for business critical server and storage infrastructures. the new service proactively monitors operations, provides communication logistics and coordinating end-to-end support the world over.
    You now have an overview of complicated but advanced the technology is in other parts of the world. I am waiting to hear from our BSNL when will it be implemented here so that we can also get T1 connection speed in India.

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    ^ thanks for the information . if anyone interested may see : Dell-Cover-Story

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