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Shifting of Landline phone connection.

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    Default Shifting of Landline phone connection.

    What is the procedure for shifting of Landline phone connection including Broad band facilities to another place , between two telecom jurisdiction? Presently I am having BSNL Land line phone with Broadband facilities under Calcutta SSA of West Bengal Telecom circle. Now, due to shifting of my residential address to Calcutta Telephone area how my telephone with Broadband facilities can be shifted to the new place (calcutta Telephone jurisdiction ? Is it admissible or I am to apply afresh for both Land line phone and Broadband facilities in the new place and jurisdiction ? Existing connection is under rural area scheme while proposed new address is Metr cty. Rental and pulse rate is different, I have to pay the rates admissible in calcutta telephone are. May any friend advise me in matter how to proceed ?

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    1. Surrender your exiting Phone and BB connection,
    2. and ask/apply for a shift.
    3.and get a surrender certificate.
    4.Give it at new location for priority connection.
    5. New rates apply.
    Maximum you may get the same UserID/PW.
    Not worthwhile.

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