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BSNL Internet up to 24 Mbps

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    Default BSNL Internet up to 24 Mbps

    Gone are the days of slow internet connections and this is something which really gets on ones nerves and frustrates them especially with the fluctuating speeds which we all generally get. But BSNL has something for those who want fast internet access, as BSNL have now introduced a new plan which offers high broadband speeds of up to 24Mbps.

    If your someone who wants this high speed internet services then the cost for a internet speed of 16Mbps is Rs4999 per month and for a speed of up to 24Mbps you need to pay Rs9000 per month.

    Yeh thats fast as you may all be thinking and if your thinking there must be a drawback well there is. 24Mbps broadband is only available to those customers who are located at a distance of up to 500 metres from the actual BSNL exchange area, and for the 16Mbps connection customer need to be located up 1km away from the BSNL exchange.

    Lucky for those living near the BSNL exchange.

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    I'm from Hyderabad. In my recent telephone bill, BSNL introduced 16 Mbps plan at 1499 per month and 24 Mbps plan at 2499

    Rates have reduced drastically since this post in 2010

    I don't know how the charges are in other locations, but in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, bsnl broadband plans are really good

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