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BSNL WA30002G4 Problems

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    Default BSNL WA30002G4 Problems


    I am using BSNL Broadband and they have provided the WA30002G4 DSL router.
    Initially it was working fine but since last 2 weeks I think that it reboots/gets stuck every 5-10 mins.
    I am using PPOE configured in the router. When i think it reboots/gets stuck I cannot open in my browser. It says page not available.
    When i ping the router it says: PING: transmit failed, error code 1232. or request timed out. I have to switch it off and on to get the internet connection back.
    I am using WA30002G4
    Board ID: 96338W2
    Software Version: 3.12L.BSNL_01.A2pB023k.d20k_rc2
    Bootloader (CFE) Version: 1.0.37-12.1
    Wireless Driver Version:

    I also have wireless enabled.

    Any thoughts about this issue?


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    Please refer this link for changing modem settings.

    You can try this
    Start run type cmd Ok
    new window
    Typeipconfig /all
    copy/paste the data here .
    Check the default Gateway of modem
    Uncheck tr_069 client menu item under
    Management or Maintenance.
    Still unsuccessful,
    Reset to factory settings.
    ( Reset access: bottom of modem small round hole near right leg ))
    Post ADSl data showing snr attn
    mod selected line rate and Rate.

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