Every other high speed data card service provider had already done it.BSNL data card price reduction was due and it responded today by slashing the price of 3G data card.The BSNL 3G data card is now available at Rs.2500.The price has been slashed from Rs.3800 to Rs.2500.

This reduction has been done with the aim of roping in more customers.Private operators had already brough down their data card prices.Other competitive offering like Tata Photon,MTS Mblaze and Reliance netconnect are all priced in the range of Rs. 2200-Rs2500.

The reduction in the price of data card by BSNL has been brough in as a promotional scheme for the period of two months.With the purchase customer gets 6GB free data transfer for 2 months.Out of this free 1GB can be utilized during day time and remaining 5GB during night time.

The data card is available in both prepaid and postpaid format and attractive limited download and unlimited download data plans are available ranging from Rs.249/month to Rs.2499/month.

BSNL 3G data card offers maximum download speed of 3.6 Mbps and upload speed of 384 kbps.This is basically 3.5 G(HSDPA) speed.Other competitive offerings offer maximum speed of 3.1Mbps only.

BSNL 3G data card is based on 3G technology while other competitive offerings are based on CDMA based EVDO technology.