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Wifi not working

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    Default Wifi not working

    I have taken BSNL connection with a wifi modem... but the wifi is not workin.

    Do I need to change the laptop settings or what should be done to make it work??

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    1, Turn Wifi on your PC on.

    2. Go to and enter username and password as admin, admin.
    The go to Wireless section and then to Basic.
    Enable Wireless.

    3. Set a password for your Wifi by going to Security.

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    Step 1: As you have not given the wifi router details
    Select the wifi modem/router from this link.
    Probably List 1 Chennai web site with screen shots may apply.
    In WAN page if you had selected "Bridged" earlier uncheck the box and select PPP /PPPoE ( enter userID/PW etc enable DHCP in LAN page )

    Step 2 :
    In computer: Create a WLAN
    All Programs/ Accessories//Communications/
    Wireless network wizard.
    follow instructions.
    Step 3 :
    Start/ Network/
    Two networks will appear
    One your old LAN and a new one WLAN
    Wireless network settings
    Check TCP/IP
    Select Obtain IP address automatically
    present entries
    Apply SAVE.

    The name you had given for your WIFI network will appear with security code .
    If there are other wifi networks in vicinity they may also appear ( secured/unsecured )

    All ok you will get connected in WIFI mode.


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