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BSNL Excess Bill

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    Default BSNL Excess Bill

    Hello Friends,

    Usually, I will disable my LAN connection and put my system in hibernate at 10:00 PM. I have scheduled my system to enable my LAN connection at 2:00AM to start the download.

    But BSNL have calculated from 10:00 PM and included all my night unlimited downloads and generated a bill for me for a sum of Rs. 10515/-. When I check with the Account Officer, he told me to get a letter from the Divisional Engineer. When I met the Divisional Engineer, he is saying it is not their mistake and so I have to make the payment.

    Kindly give me your suggestion what can I do now?

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    Which software you use to disable LAN ? If you are in PPPoE mode, ID and password will be stored in the modem and your start time and end time will not fall in 2 - 8 slot even if you disable LAN. Post the excel file of your usage details ?
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    If from 1000PM to 0800 AM the total D/L + U/L
    is say 500 MB then A.O may calculate 500/10 = 50 MB avg per hour.
    Then charge for 200 MB
    Same way for other dates.

    total amount Rs 10515/=
    can be reduced by 60%
    and you end up paying
    Rs 4000/=approx .
    What ever application/or scheduler you used, it is the modem that should beDISCONNECTED at about 0155 and restart at 0205 AM.
    You have not mentioned the tariff plan, and when you got the BB connection.
    Para two : Or contest the meter readings ,to higher authorities ( Take a print out for two or three months) and claim the usage meter has been wrongly programmed and did not bifurcate paid usage data and free usage data for all days.
    You can also show some data from your Download Manager it may help./

    Download application NetworX to check hourly/daily/weekly/monthly data usage on a single computer.

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