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Bsnl: Useful links

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    Default Bsnl: Useful links

    Essential Links for BSNL BB users

    The need for this article, is the frequent queries raised by new
    users about various BSNL BB Tariff plans,usage sites, complaint
    sites etc. Decided to consolidate at one place at least 5 or 6
    links for quick reference.
    This will save me also,the trouble of typing different links again
    and again in my posts !! ( Book mark if you like )

    1. The "Mother" of all BSNL sites.!
    Most State BSNL sites link to different web sites here.
    Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.- India's No. 1 Telecommunications Company .
    Gives latest news/ different schemes etc.

    2. Modem Router settings web site.
    The most referred link.contains details of about 12 models,
    with each page having more useful links.
    MP links 14 models Flash mode .

    3. Usage web sites
    gives links to many useful links including webmail.
    For Some CITY/Towns selfcare pages are given as scroll message.

    4. Tariff Plans & Modem cost/rentals
    Ms Prakash Padukone invites you to select the best
    . tariff plan suitable to you.!!! 4 to 5 links available.
    sometimes Incentive plans are also given for new Users.
    Refer for change of Tariff plan, free telephone calls quota etc.

    5. Complaints:
    This AllIndia Online website seems to have some effect.Try it..
    The roles were reversed!In my case,the Local CC of Exchange,
    enquired anxiously about my Broadband complaint !!!!
    Check also the website of your STATE for similar link.
    BSNL Bengaluru ( Bangalore ) May forward complaint to Server section.

    6. Not exactly BSNL site. But hope, a useful compilation by me to
    help users to check settings of their modems/routers .
    Not included in ( 2) above )
    (a) In another forum Mine: updated: 8300 hits
    (b) here in this forum;

    essbebe 24th April 2010.

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    Please edit your post and add your similar old links here.
    will be relevant here.
    REQUEST to all members

    Kindly do not post comments/corrections etc in this thread.
    Use it as Mini "Google" link.

    Please lock the thread and make this "sticky"
    Any changes additions, I will ask permission to EDIT.

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    Change of Tariff plan possible here.
    see/select box "TYPE of lead" for menu.
    LOG in not required.
    (b) select suitable tariff plan link also included.
    BB Best Plan Selector
    (Version 1.2 )
    Understand plan change effected within a day or two.
    CONFIRM by checking in usage portal/or selfcare portal
    as applicable to you.
    Check speed / daily usage etc.


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    Added latest telephone Tariff page:
    BSNL- Landline Service Tariff Card

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    You can register with your OWN choice of ID. PW will be sent by BSNL>
    Selfcare Portals for usage check /tariff plan change etc.
    Select your region. Use only Internet Explorer browser.
    CRM Mainly Eastern States.Assam/ West Bengal etc Mainly Northern States. U.P/Punjab etc For registration
    Loading Portal. Mainly Western Stares Maharastra/Gujarat etc Kerala
    CRM Mainly Southern States A.P/Karnataka/Kerala/Tamil Nadu etc.
    For Chennai BSNL Portal

    Please do not post in this thread . Use as easy ref thread.
    Give link to this thread and give suggestions / raise queries. Thanks.
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