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how to connect internet in mobile via wifi

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    Default how to connect internet in mobile via wifi

    i hv purchased anew samsung s5620 mobile. it is having wifi facility. i want to connect it with my bsnl broadband via wifi but it is being connected. i have entered my computer ip address and other relevent information from my computer through ipconfig.

    my computer ip address is
    and i have entered as phone ip as

    it connected bt when i want open any site it gives the message as service unavailable.
    please help me to get it connected

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    1.In the modem/router/WIFi enable DHCP
    (usually seen in LAN menu page) and give a range of
    say192.168.1.2 to
    Enable UPnP also.
    The IP address you have given will go on changing for BSNL.
    see links below for your modem/router.
    4. The wifi name you had entered in Wireless page of router should appear
    in your Phone.

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    Default please help ! ! !

    sir . . . i hv little technical kno how of broadband. . . . i m tryn 2 connect my nokia n97 mini to broadband ( modem WA3002G4 ) via wifi . d phone detects the network but the web pages dont open . i tried typing in internet explorer but it says the page doesnt exist . i use wifi 2 use internet through laptop where it works fine .. . help . . .

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    In your laptop
    Start RUN type cmd
    new window opens
    type ipconfig /all
    copy/paste data here without editing.
    See post No 2. also.

    2. type in browser
    then retype it say 117.xx.xx.xx
    A new window will open to access your router.
    Use default ID admin and PW admin

    If router menu appears
    Check settings as given in link WA3002-G4 below.
    Enable DHCP ( usually in LAN page)
    give range to
    Better go to Management and Save /Backup current settings
    to say C:/My Documents/ wa3002 g4 wifi working.

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