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BSNL Broadband speed at 100mbps. Amazing speed, see report.

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    Default BSNL Broadband speed at 100mbps. Amazing speed, see report.

    speedtest .net/result/838298790.png
    This is my friends connection. I am using asianet broadband at 4mbps( fastest available).

    But amazed see this. I have tested this through remote desktop on his computer.

    But how it is possible? Normal modem cannot give more than 8 mbps. Also the max bsnl can give if exchange is near is 24mbps. His exchange is about 4-5km away.

    Whats wrong?

    I have tested on different servers in india, he is getting 19mbps to 98mbps. Also some ties 1mbps. He is having night unlimited. I am planing check download speed also. When I download fireox and other small files i was very fast.

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    Try downloading some file from Microsoft, Apple etc using download manager. Then you will know.

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    Try the speed in downloading a torrent that has got thousands of seeders.

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    I think download manager will give the right speeds(except DAP, just adware)....
    I used to get 220-230 KBps with IDM and only 180-190KBps with torrents.....

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    You might be using Kaspersky internet security, mine used to do the same thing, showed like 60-70 Mbps with kaspersky on..... If the speedtest meter just gives jerks to that 100 Mbps, then its not right. It should just stay at one place for good amount of time, the needle in the meter. Besides, BSNL's fastest offered speed is 24Mbps.

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