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Non working of bsnl broadband for more than one month

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    Default Non working of bsnl broadband for more than one month


    HI friends !

    I am using BSNL BROADBAND Home UL750* in Chengalpattu (Chennai Telephones), for more than one year.

    For the last One Month, my Broadband connection is not working (But my Telephone Line is working) - I made many many complaints with BSNL Customer care at 1500, 1504, SMS on all alternative days. But no action till date.

    I can see 15 cuts/damages/joints in my BSNL Paired Cable which comes from the BSNL Box to my House. But the line man and other BSNL Officers , dont tend to look into this. I have met the Sub Divisional Engineer 2- 3 times and told him the complaint, he said he will send some one to change the wire / cable, but one have changed the cable.

    Here are my details on the complaints given to BSNL

    Date Complaint No: Details
    10 June 2010 No Action
    14 June 2010 56491043 No Action
    16 June 2010 58148916 No Action
    18 June 2010

    BSNL Line man visited my house, and informed me that they have changed the jumper of my line, and now my internet will work. But when the power came back, I checked to find the same problem still prevailing.

    21 June 2010 Contacted AE at BSNL at his telephone number

    When I contacted him in the above number he said that I have not paid my Bills and the line has been disconnected. I was shocked to hear this from an AE, as I have paid my bills through net banking, and I had no pending bills on this date. Only the current bill was unpaid. So I went to meet Sub Divisional Engineer (North) to seek his guidance. But he was not available today. I am sure that my line is not disconnected, as my outgoing facility was not barred. (Please Note )Telephone is working.

    22 June 2010
    Met SD-North I met the Sub Divisional Engineer – North, and informed my complaint and querried him of my bills. He too checked his computer and told me that my bill for rs xxxx is pending. Please note that this Bill of Rs xxxx/- is paid through net banking on bsnl website on 18th June 2010. I showed him the payment confirmation details from BSNL on my Online Payment of the Bill on the 18/06/2010. He told he will do the needful. But please you may note that, my telephone is working well with outgoing and incoming, If its that my line has been disconnected, my telephone’s outgoing call facility will be disconnected, but outgoing is working. Only my Broadband internet is not working.

    24 June 2010 58155147 I got a call from BSNL Customer care, and asked me of my problem. They asked me to check at at my browser, here my WAN status showed “ ADSL Link Down” – So they said they will send someone to rectify. But no one came from BSNL

    28 June 2010 56538629
    29 June 2010 Got a call from BSNL saying that they will look into my complaint.

    01 July 2010 Went to see Sub Divisional Engineer – But could not meet him.

    02 July 2010 SM36703 Registered complaint through SMS

    03 July 2010 Got a call from BSNL asking if my Broadband is working. I said its not working - They said they will send a Technical person to look into.

    04 July 2010 _ I sent a complaint through email to Deputy General manager , BSNL of our area.

    05 July 2010 - I took photographs of the 11 cuts/damages/joints in my BSNL cable and sent to the Deputy General manager / Divisional Engineer / Sub Divisional Engineer/ by Courier post.



    WHAT SHOULD I DO ??????

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    A written complaint to Nodal officer and Appellate authority might help. You will find their address and telephone no on the back side of your bill. Also make a call to them and seek help. Do you have the complaint no. with date ? If so you are eligible for deduction broadband rent while not in use.

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    I had similar issues - telephone was working/BB was not working. I have written my experiences here: My interactions with BSNL

    BTW, you can get rebate for the days that your BB is not working. But they may not do it automatically in the bill. If they don't, make a complaint to Accounts as well.
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    BSNL are lazy ppl, they told themselve to me, "sarkari hai na, time lagta hai."

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    It is informative to kno that there are ways to get rebates and escalate the issue. For me the broadband service is not working for more than a year. There is no positive action if i go to the bsnl office and talk to the ppl.
    but it seems like i have to do an awful lot of work just to make sure they do their work. There seems to be a fundamental problem here much deeper than a simple disconnected connection

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