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    I have broad band BBG connection ( Rs. 250/- per month.
    and using for 7 years. I have very limited uses. From last two months my bill is comong over and above 250/- . This month I found Rs. 335 charges as " BBUSGCHG". I suspect some fowl play. How to detect that and how to have controlled regular charges billing in future.
    Further please advise how to get the plan upgraded ie In one fixed monthly plan can use Land line and BB also. For both the above query to whom should one contact and what is the contact detail.

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    1. Use bandwidth meter. Shaplus or Networx will be fine. It will help you monitor your usage.

    2. Do you have wifi ? If so, set a pass key.

    3. All you usage will be tagged by your MAC ID. Talk to the senior divisional engineer (SDE) and report your suspicions. Tell him that your connection is being misused. He can check that for you.

    4. Ask your local exchange for port binding. Once done, internet can be accessed only through your telephone line.

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