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Need help switching from TATA to BSNL

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    Default Need help switching from TATA to BSNL

    Hi, I live in Mahim, Mumbai had my Tata indicom bb connection for 2+ years now from the past few months I've been having alot of problems with TATA, frequent request timed out brakes, made like 50 complaints well right now I have the Flash 384 plan which gives me unlimited download/surfing 384 kbps download speed during the day, 1.5 mbps all night, is there something similar to this in bsnl? right now my tata one costs me Rs.1350, my budget is 1400 per month so please help me out BSNL users, i need to know a few things

    does bsnl broadband connection require a modem/router, right now my tata one is just one cable going in my cpu

    how's the customer support

    do you get the speed they claim

    how is bsnl overall compared to tata


    edit: i also get 40-60 kb/s download speed, is this normal for 384 kbps?
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    You can try UL 750. It gives you 512 Kbps all day. Costs Rs. 750 per month and is unlimited. I am using this plan and I get around 65 KBps in direct download. You can choose one of Home 500 plans which gives 2 Mbps. It has night unlimited during 2 -8 am. There are software using which you can automate the process while you sleep. It has a limit of 1.5 GB/ 2.5 GB in day time.

    Or you can choose ULF 1100 which gives 2 Mbps till 10 GB and then 256 Kbps.

    Check yourselves. List of all plans and tariff from BSNL

    Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.

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    with the HOME500C plan... u ll get the speed of 2MBps.
    u ll get the day time limit of 1.5GB.
    u ll get a Night Unlimited Download from 2.00AM to 8.00AM at 2MBps...
    and also u ll get 175 FREE calls ....

    HOME 750UL+ is also a superb plan...
    65KBps download speed...
    no FREE calls.....

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    go for 600 fn plan
    250 free calls
    night unlimited.......

    customer care.............really worst........

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