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Unable to access HTTP after few minutes but torrent works

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    Default Unable to access HTTP after few minutes but torrent works

    I recently reset my siemens sl2-141 modem ( it now shows nokia siemens instead of bsnl in modem page) and configured it in pppoe mode . Now whenever i turn on the modem , I am able to browse for few minutes . Then the connection drops down in laptop connected using LAN . torrent works but http isn't working like antivirus update and browsers . I can still access http in my iPod touch using WLAN proves that the link is not down .

    I cant even browse while torrent program is running (bitcomet) , its not because of the bandwidth usage by torrent as in my case the browser cant even connect to internet .
    AFAIK even when torrent is running atleast google can be opened .

    Please tell me what the problem may be.

    Details -

    i am using and as dns in the modem page

    Wan settings -
    0/35 1 UBR pppoe_0_35_1 ppp_0_35_1 PPPoE Disabled(igmp) Disabled(qos) Enabled

    NAT Virtual server on port 40111 for torrents (

    Cant Post Image urls so -

    Device Info

    BoardID: 96338W
    Software Version: 1805_022508-3.08L.BSNL_02.
    Bootloader (CFE) Version: 1.0.37-8.7
    Wireless Driver Version:

    This information reflects the current status of your DSL connection.

    Line Rate - Upstream (Kbps): 256
    Line Rate - Downstream (Kbps): 2048
    LAN IP Address:
    MAC Address: 00-08-5c-9d-19-ac
    Default Gateway:
    Primary DNS Server:
    Secondary DNS Server:

    Also it shows FAIL for OAM F5 test , is it normal ?

    Test the connection to your local network
    Test your ENET(1-4) Connection: PASS
    Test your Wireless Connection: PASS
    Test the connection to your DSL service provider
    Test ADSL Synchronization: PASS
    Test ATM OAM F5 segment ping: FAIL
    Test ATM OAM F5 end-to-end ping: FAIL

    Since the connection between BSNL and modem isnt dropping , i am not posting DSL settings and ADSL statistics
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    Get your line checked, may be as it is monsoon season there can be problem with the line

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    Please refer first link below for checking up the modem settings.
    Also check menu item "access control" both wan and lan side boxes are enabled. ( http ftp etc )
    You may also try google dns and
    What web pages you see, may be from cache/temp files..
    Copy/Paste data here.
    ipconfig /all
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    as for me for monitoring bandwidth I prefer ProteMac Meter ( )

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