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Broadband on LINUX (Fedora 9)

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    Default Broadband on LINUX (Fedora 9)

    Hi friends ,

    I have just registered in this forum, Hope it will be fun with u guys.....

    My problem is I have a Teracom modem. The model no. is T1-B-DSL699E9.4U6-5.It works fine with Windows XP, but I am unable to connect to the internet in Fedora 9 using the modem. Actually I don't know how to use the modem in Fedora 9.

    Please help.....

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    With system(computer working in XP mode )
    make a backup from Management menu of modem, to say
    C:/My Documents/ teracom XP settings.

    Check the net work connection in system with XP.
    Ensure same data appears when you use LINUX fedora.

    example: System in XP mode.
    RUN type cmd OK
    new window:
    type ipconfig /all
    for same data, use Linux commands ,to appear in Network
    settings page.
    Check in Calcutta Telephones modem
    menu site. Special instructions for LINux users available.
    Modem also listed. No changes needed in Modem.

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    Modem does not know whether the client machine is the xp machine or linux machine for that matter it does not know the device i.e. a pc or a lap-top or a mobile device. If you are using PPPoe mode you have to configure your ethernet card to get ip address automatically. If you are using bridge mode in addition to configuring ethernet adapter you need to add a ppp dialer in the fedora.

    Hope this helped.

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    Set to PPPoE mode and try. It will work like LAN.

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