At the time of applying for new plan UL900 eff. next month
we are told to give in writing to change from old system to new system (Multiplay) due to which all old login details are lost (data one usage portal etc).

I now have new loging details of BSNL portal wps/ portal

but its does not show what plan I am on nor it shows my past months usage details. total usage show about 3 GB (Plus I had about 6 GB 1-16 Aug.)
Also this month's usage lost prior to the new system change over say prior to 16th Aug. (They say they have all the details on their system)

in my new profile, I also see that I am alloted new email Id
e.g. Joe_Goa at (ID changed)

now, how or where to log on to see or send emails using the above email ID ?

Earlier, I had at which I never used but still works though.

Thanks for your help