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Replace BSNL Modem with personal Linksys-WAG160N Wireless-N

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    Default Replace BSNL Modem with personal Linksys-WAG160N Wireless-N


    I got a new broadband connection from BSNL, basically no other choice, in my area.

    Model Name : T1-B-DSL699E9.4U6-5
    Firmware Version :

    Earlier I wanted to rent it, but was unwilling to spend 500 as initial deposit. So, in good faith I went ahead and paid BSNL 1800 to purchase it.

    Now, the following is my Line statistics.
    SNR (Downstream) 6.5 dB (Goes to a max of 12dB - evening hours)
    SNR (Upstream) 13.5 dB
    Line Attentuation(Downstream) 47.0 dB
    Line Attentuation(Upstream) 31.5 dB

    Connection Capability : PPoPE/ G.DMT (earlier ADSL2+)

    Splitters removed. No phones used. Only modem is connected directly to line.

    From day one, I am having disconnection issues. I have searched and searched and basically past 10 days have learnt more about ADSL networking than I would have cared to know. Made a thousand calls to BSNL, guys came in and checked the line. They (the lineman) says the line is fine, but even a child can say there is noise (phone used only momentarily for testing, while connecting to broadband, modem is connected directly to line)

    Yesterday, they made some changes in the exchange and I am getting slightly better SNR values, (around 10-12 dB) but still disconnecting. I have seen across some forums that different modem give different SNR values across the same line, and hence suspect may be the hardware.

    Now my question is this:
    If I go to BSNL and want to return their modem and replace it with my own (e.g. Linksys-WAG120N (Rs. 4500) or Linksys-WAG160N Wireless-N (Rs. 7500)), would they return my money (with probably some clerical processing fees).

    I would have loved if some of my friends / neighbors could have a alternative equipment for me to test it with but that's not the case here. So before risking that kind of money I want to get advice particularly from users who are routinely living with low SNR and high attn values.

    Pls. excuse me for duplicate post, as this is a more suitable place.


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    I have provided u a solution try it in ur other post as this is duplicate and the admin might delete this

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    SNR (Downstream) 6.5 dB
    Line Attentuation(Downstream) 47.0 dB

    Probably you can ask for a different wifi router or replacement within one year of outright purchase..
    .You have to inform that this particular unit is bad , with test report from "Borrowed: Linksy's router.Don't say you own it.!!!!!
    Basically, you SHOULD use an ADSL splitter and connect a PHONE.. You know the telephone connection/line carries a D.C voltage. 40 to 60 V. .

    .AFTER connecting Phone/s to ADSL SPlitter Phone Port , you can expect some improvement in SNR BB signals.
    If any "HISS" is heard in TELEPHONE when internet is working, shows a faulty ADSL splitter. report the PHONE is noisy
    IN DSL page ensure Bitswap is enabled.
    ( Hope adsl2+ box is also unchecked).
    If you don't want to Use BSNL telephone, ask them to disconnect only the phone. BB can work .
    What is the tariff plan you have selected for item 7? You can avoid monthly rental.
    Please refer Teracom link given below.
    Also C2110 modem ( less wifi) in Calcutta Telephones link

    Feedback item wise.

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    1. One year ??? Within 1 week, I have already had enough. I don't know how I can stand up one year of such non-reliability.

    2. Basically to reduce the number of variables, I have disconnected all phone lines. The modem is directly connected to main line. That means there are no phone and hence no splitters required.

    3. Yes, the BSNL supplied spliiter was faulty. I replaced with one of my own purchased from a electronics shop, the noise was substantially lowered, but I figured out it was better for me to pull off the entire land line circuit out of the picture. No one has the numbers and we use our mobiles for all communication purposes.

    4. There is a consistent 'hiss' sound but no matter how hard I tell the lineman, he says the line is OK and he cannot 'any noise'. Since he is a 'govt. employee' and he simply cannot hear any noise, I cannot argue with him. Besides it's not in my long term interest to argue with him.

    5. Bitswap is enabled, and G.DMT is selected instead of ADSL2+.

    7. Tarriff plan is unilimited with 'no outgoing calls'. That is, this connection is exclusively for internet purposes and I am not supposed to be making any outgoing voice calls.

    8. Calcutta Telephones Teracomp page did not help much. However I could verify that I am using the latest firmware (

    I am trying my best to isolate the problem, and I suspect that it can be faulty hardware. And if it is, I am trying for BSNL to acknowledge it and supply me with a better working one.

    I just don't know how ???

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    replacement within one year of outright purchase..
    AFTER one year of purchase, you cannot get a replacement/exchange. If on rental any time !!!!
    .......the noise was substantially lowered
    SEE.diagram in BSNL website HOW the adsl splitter is
    That means there are no phone and hence no splitters required.
    incorrect. Circuit has to be completed.
    Whether you like it or not, Phone line with DC also present ALWAYS.

    BB can work Phone can be dead.
    Phone can work BB can be dead.
    Both PHONE/BB works.

    .Phone port has a low pass filter to allow audio signals and block BB signals entering PHONE ( "Hiss" sound )
    BB signals anyway goes direct from BSNL phone junction whether you use an ADSL splitter or not.
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