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Broadband connection in small town (Nellore)

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    Default Broadband connection in small town (Nellore)

    Hello all,

    I am currently in USA and planning to work from India for couple of months for personal reasons. I will need to use VPN to connect to my office network from India. I am from Nellore, Andhra Pradesh and I have been away from India for a while and hence have no idea on how ISPs or Plans work in India. I did little research and found that BSNL is the most popular ISP at my home town and planning to take their broadband connection. My apologies for being dumb, but I have few basic questions. Appreciate if anyone from Nellore or similar small towns can help me understand few things.

    1. What plan would I need in order to use VPN with decent speed ? I will need to download lot of data rather than upload. I am thinking of getting unlimited 512 kbps but not sure.

    2. I am sure things work well in metros but how about in small towns like Nellore? Do we lose connection often or is it pretty consistent ?

    3. Can I rent a modem and wifi router from BSNL ?

    Please let me know if you need more information and greatly appreciate your help.

    Thanks in advance.


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    BSNL as you know is a government company and has got its own drawbacks. I am using UL 750 (512 Kbps unlimited ). I live in a small place; for me, BSNL is working fine till date. No major issues other than a few excess billing. I got an uptime of 100% in last 3 months. You may also check Airtel's plans.

    I am using a wifi modem from BSNL to connect my laptop. It comes for Rs. 1,800 + tax or Rs. 80 per month rent.

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    check BSNL links for all the information.
    Bsnl: Useful links
    yes. 512 Kbps speed suitable.
    depends! if some vips stay in your area not much breakdowns !
    Yes. Rent Rs Rs 50/80/=P.M ( deposit required)
    Outright purchase 1100/1800/= plus 10.3% taxes.
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    BSNL is sure providing international class internet service and my friends are there in Nellore and getting uninterrupted internet service from bsnl in Nellore, so rest assured that you will get a good internet connection in Nellore. Their customer care sucks. If there is any issue you must pursuade them to get your issue resolved.

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    I'd also suggest that you buy a "magicjack" (magicJack) while you are in the US so that you can be in telephonic contact with your office for free..

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