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    Default need help how to connect nokia n8 mobile to DNA A211-I modem through wifi

    thanks to love preet for posting the modus operandi regarding wifi connection but i have done the whole procedure mentioned below by love preet but couldn't work for my n8 mobile................

    please help me out guys..........

    Originally Posted by lovepreet39
    First see your mobile have wifi.
    I have Bsnl iti modem.
    Go to your browser in computer.
    fill the user name and password
    username = admin
    pass = admin
    Click on advance setup and then wan.
    edit 0/32 column.
    click next
    chose ppp over enternet (pppoe)
    Enter ppp username and password
    ppp username = your bsnl username
    ppp pass = your bsnl password
    service name = dataone
    click next and next
    click on save and then click on save and reboot
    MOdem will restart
    pick up your mobile open browser and search for wifi and go.

    tested with
    modem bsnl iti
    nokia n93i

    same for all nokia n or e series and 5800xm like
    If you have a different modem go to modem setting with
    and look out for 0/32 column in wan option

    NO need for any special software.

    NO need to enable unup.

    No need to activate gprs.

    NO need to mention modem and mobile name.

    Wifi settings for iti modem or other modems.
    Enable WIFI-yes.
    SSID- As you like (Example -ITI)
    Network Authentication-open.
    WEP Encryption-disabled.
    AP Mode:Access point
    Bridge Restrictisabled.

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    1. Configure your modem in PPPoE mode.

    2. Enable DHCP in the modem.

    3. In the TCP/IP properties of your connection, set " Obtain IP address automatically"


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    edit 0/32 column.
    You can enter any vpi/vci in any link .usually 6 links will be
    pre set for "Dialer" "Bridged" mode
    For BSNL VPI/VCI 0 and 35
    For MTNL VPI/VCI 0 and 32.
    For Airtel VPI/VCI 1 and 32.
    Also refer: for screen shots.
    UTSTAR WA3002-G4 quick reference

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    thank brother but where do i get all these stuff ...........

    please specify the path............

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    1. Type in your browser.

    2. ID and password is admin.

    3. On the LHS panel you will find options. Select the WAN page and look for the entry.

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    i have done all above mentioned setting still no...............result.

    mobile shows invalid server.................

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    Copy/Paste ipconfig /all for only lan and wlan.
    If Tunnel data is available not required.

    START RUN cmd Ok
    new window
    type ipconfig /all

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    thanks for your support

    my laptop wis working fine with wi fi but my nokia n8 doesn't reponce to wi fi broad band
    DNA- A211-i It only show ITI - KNOWN.............

    please help...............

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    my laptop wis working fine
    Copy/Paste following data ONLY for WLAN connection.
    START RUN type cmd Ok
    New window Type
    ipconfig /all

    Check this link for wifi settings. ( also add to book marks )
    Click Tric: How to configure UTStarcom wireless router WA3002G4 | WLAN security with MAC address filtering
    Confirm wifi channel selected 6 or 11.
    What is the security type you use ?

    Give correct number for Nokia Is it Nokia 8 only ?

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