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    Default plan change in mid-month

    I was having night UL plan till today and the usage is 700MB as off today. I had applied for plan change to 750 UL and from today i can see on the portal that my plan has been changed now. Can anyone please tell me how will i be billed and should i now just use the bband anytime?

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    Presume you are in Home 500 plan. You won't get full 2.5 GB. The maximum you can use this month while in Home 500 plan is

    2.5 * (6/30). For extra usage, you need to pay.

    Similarly you need not pay full Rs. 750 per month. That too will be calculate according to no. of days compared to 30 days.

    This may help



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    so can you please give me an idea if i am having 815MB usage till the plan was changed how much bill would i get ( approx ) this month?

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    Check usage tomorrow Summary Total usage ( less free NU)
    remains at 700 MB. or 815 MB
    {for day and night last column shows 0 KB.}

    and day time quota .deduct this usage as free . 500 MB approx
    2.5 * (6/30). For extra usage, you need to pay.
    1.5GB * 6/30 = approx free. 300 MB according to your plan.

    Calculate at @60 paise per MB excess data usage.

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