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Dataone Speed Combo 2799 Plan - Speed issues

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    Default Dataone Speed Combo 2799 Plan - Speed issues

    Hi Folks,

    I have been using BSNL Dataone at my home for more than 5 years now and the experience has been quite satisfactory. A few months back, I had to take a second broadband connection for my office and I opted for the Dataone Speed Combo 2799 plan (upto 8 Mbps speed). I have an Airtel 2Mbps connection at my office, which has been working pretty well too.

    Unfortunately, I have been having speed issues with my Dataone connection at my office from the day one. Whenever I check the download speed using BSNL speed tester, it shows more than 6 Mbps speed for my connection consistently and the downstream rate in the Linksys modem is 8000+ kbps too. Despite this, the browsing and real time download speed has just been pathetic - doesn't cross 100KBps. In fact this 8 Mbps connection at my office is not even performing as good as my 2 Mbps dataone connection at my home. Also, my home is located just behind my office (within the same compound). I am using wired connections and desktop PCs - both at my home and office.

    I have made n number of complaints to BSNL about the speed issue and they have visited my office multiple times to fix this issue, but nothing has worked until now. speed check results are weird and here are some download speed results:
    New Delhi & Mumbai servers - Range is 2.5 Mbps to 6 Mbps, but I generally get more than 4 Mbps (this is perfectly fine as the minimum speed for this plan is 2 Mbps according to the BSNL officials)
    For servers outside India (I tried Colombo, Dhaka, Singapore, etc...) - 0.5 to 1 Mbps

    It looks like the speed within India is pretty reasonable, but once we cross the border the speed becomes pathetic as far as my office dataone connection is concerned. In contrast, my home dataone connection shows 1.6 Mbps download speed for all the servers - irrespective of the server's location. The aforementioned speed test results have been pretty consistent for the last couple of months.

    I am clueless how a connection that shows a healthy speed level within India can become pathetically slow when we access the servers located outside India. I can accept this if this kind of speed drop happens with all the Dataone connections. But then, I have a working exception at my home where the Dataone connection works consistently for all the servers around the world without much fluctuation in the speed.

    Please let me know if there is some kind of a solution for this issue.


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    This may help

    Are you talking about direct downloads or torrents for downloading file ? Disable your firewall/antivirus and check.

    You can also try talking to the SDE of your exchange.

    If nothing works, talk to the Nodal officer or Appellate authority. ID and phone no on the backside of your bill. Call them and seek help.

    Also post your SNR and Attenuation values.

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