For new bookings of telephone lines from Bharat Ke Sabse Nikamme Loag (BSNL) the security deposit is only Rs 500 while those who came into its fold (say) 10 years back it was Rs 3000. They refuse to return the differential, which according to them one can get only on surrender of telephone connection.

In April 2009 I subscribed to their BB (not their “bibee” but rather broadband) Combo 500 limited usage plan of 1.5 GB usage by paying a security deposit of Rs 500. A year later the plan was amended whereby the demand of security deposit was removed. However, to get the refund of the security deposit of Rs 500 I would need to surrender the broadband connection.

Speak to their “executive” at 1500. If this executive does not have an answer to your query then he/she will disconnect the line and avoid your number until his/her shift is over for the day.

I have an automatically recorded complaint at 1500 of poor wire-line broadband connectivity pending that I had made once over two years back and long since resolved. However, if I want to make a fresh complaint I always get to hear that “complaint for this number is already pending and the status of the complaint is Physical Work in Progress”. Thereby, they will not record a fresh complaint.

No wonder it is a loss making unit, which is surviving on government subsidy just like the Ambassador car surviving without change of its decades old box-like design because of government bookings. I had vainly hoped that in Budget 2011 Pranab would offload BSNL to cover his ever increasing non-productive governmental expenses and, thereby, bring some sanity in this overpopulated enterprise.