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BSNL 1350ULD Download 58-60 kbps BW 512 kbps :Complaint 20 days No solution

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    Question BSNL 1350ULD Download 58-60 kbps BW 512 kbps :Complaint 20 days No solution

    Hi guys , I am new here.

    I have 1350 BSNL connection from past 1.5 years.

    But i could never get speed above 60 kbps(download)

    I Registered a complaint on 27th feb 2011 about it.

    They first sent technician , who took screen shots and sent it to JTO( Technician was so lame)

    Nothing happens

    Another tech sent my place then they

    told me they have shifted my connection now from p2 to p3 i should be getting good speed.

    (I am shorting my painful story else it would take 2 pages atleast)

    Now I am still getting 512 kbps b/w and download nearly 60 kbps.

    I checked my modem and everything with params. nothing is helping

    I called 1500 about 30 times, others 15 times. No luck.

    Can any one suggest how can i fight with such a system ?

    I am residing in Jaipur /Rajasthan .

    PS: My modem parameters

    DSL Parameters and Status
    Vendor ID: 0039
    Revision Number: E.37.9.48
    Serial Number: 123456789abcdx
    Local Tx Power: 12.3 dB
    Remote Tx Power: 20.5 dB
    Local Line Atten.: 24.0 dB
    Remote Line Atten.: 12.5 dB
    Local SNR Margin: 39.0 dB
    Remote SNR Margin: 22.5 dB
    Self Test: Passed
    DSL Standard: ADSL2+
    Profile: MII
    Tx Line Rate: 509 Kbps
    Rx Line Rate: 1018 Kbps
    Max Attainable Line Rate(Down Stream): 12700 Kbps
    SRA Parameters
    Auto SRA: Disable
    SRA CRC Error Rate: 1800
    SRA FEC Error Rate: 60
    SRA Up Shift Obs. Period: 3600 Secs
    SRA Down Shift Obs. Period: 600 Secs
    Power Management Mode: L2, L3 Both Allowed

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    Please confirm your plan. Check the " orders " page in your portal. Your plan is UL 1350 or ULD 1350 ? Post the screen shot of your page after blackening your personal details.

    There are lot of threads on this forum with same issue. You need to talk to SDE of your exchange and ask him to lift the speed cap on your connection.

    Try complaining here

    If nothing works, a written complaint with receipt with SDE will do. ID and phone no on the backside of your bill. Call them and seek assistance. Once you send such a complaint, you are bound to get a written reply with signature from his office even though it is negative.

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    Please tell me what is difference bitween UL 1350 & ULD 1350.

    Infact I wanted BBG Combo ULD 1350 after going through official plan site:, but I have seen in portal that my plan is HOME UL 1350 PLUS COMBO.


    Plan I Wanted:

    Plan I Have:

    Is this the reason that I am getting 1.5 Mbps instead-of 4 Mbps speed? . Can anybody tell me where is the official link for plan UL 1350 ? What is the speed with plan UL 1350?

    Now what to do to get 4 mbps. This peoblem is with me since last 2 years. OMG...
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    Hi all,

    SDE (BB) confirmed that my plan is BBG Combo ULD 1350. Then I told SDE regarding capping of speed. He totally denied. He has to say some problem with line & wires. Lines are also checked by linemen. They have to say nothing wrong with wires.

    So you can understand how frustrating this is. Then Today I switched to BBG Speed Combo 2799 where I was assumed to get upto 8 Mbps. amazingly, my speed is still 1.5 Mbps.

    Now SDE (BB) is confused. He has to say cables/lines are faulty. Now SDE (phone) has to say that if line is faulty then no connectivity of BB should have been there.

    So very harassing codition is with me.

    Please advise me what to do? I want comments specially from essbebe, meetdilip erc. on this..Urgently...

    Thanks in advance...

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