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    Default usage details - Chargeable Units(MB) Excluding Night Unlimited

    can somebody please tell me whether the downloaded data between 2am to 8am, will be shown in addition to the data usage of other time, under the head Chargeable Units(MB) Excluding Night Unlimited?

    i have BB FN combo 600 plan, in which night unlimited facility is available?

    in selfcare site of bsnl, where we can check the details of usage, i am not able to check that coz they are showing details of 7 days back data.. and i just took the new plan 3 days back.

    Anybody having night unlimited plan, please tell me how i can check whether the night usage is being charged or not in the website???

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    better to download NetworX and keep track of your NU. for a single system.

    Software for Enterprises, Intranets and the Internet

    2. Usually in selfcare portal NU is shown and final summary for each date column should show 0 KB.
    from BSNL Portal
    Your selfcare portal may show differently. This is for an U/L plan.

    If not check the Summary on the top.

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    thank you for a quick reply...it helped

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