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BSNL phone not able to answer incoming calls but can make outgoing calls

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    Default BSNL phone not able to answer incoming calls but can make outgoing calls

    I am using BSNL broadband with the recent Wi-Fi modem and I can't get incoming calls and it says, that the line is temporarily not working after a few rings but when I take call during that ring, my phone becomes dead but I can outgoing calls and my broadband is working fine. I am always having one or other problems with the broadband. Why is it so?

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    Disconnect your ADSL splitter from Phone junction.
    Try the phone. directly. Confirm PULSE or TONE mode. selected.
    If Faulty still register complaint> ( problem at Exchange end )
    Reconnect ADSL splitter to BSNL Junction.
    Connect Phone to PHONE port.
    .Reconnect Modem rj11 to ADSL splitter.
    TEST phone .
    There is a reccomended practical limit of three filters per line, after that you would need to have a central splitter installed.

    The filters are in effect a low pass filter for voice, that is they block the high frequency ADSl signals from voice devices, such as phones. Their ADSL ports are just straight through, no filtering.
    Give details of your modem/wifi router . and number of phone/s used.
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