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BSNL Modem Blocking Access to Router?

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    Default BSNL Modem Blocking Access to Router?

    Not sure if this thread should have been posted in the "How To" forum instead...

    I am currently using a DataOne BSNL Broadband modem. This connects to a Netgear WG302 Wireless Access Point through the WAN port (which is the only port on the back of the netgear device).

    The internet & wi-fi works fine. However, I desperately need to put a wi-fi password up as I'm dealing with tons of leechers.

    However, every time I enter, I am logged into the DataOne Settings page. I have no problem accessing this, but there is obviously no way to set a wi-fi password here.

    I am trying to access the Netgear WG302 settings, but have been unsuccessful. I've reset the router and tried all the IP addresses that Netgear and other forums suggests. I've plugged my laptop directly into the WAN port of the Netgear WG302 and tried to enter but nothing comes up.

    I've used a program called ipscanner to try and figure out if there was another IP address I should be entering.

    Nothing has worked. Can anyone help me log into the Netgear WG302 so I can put up a wi-fi password? Or suggest a way in which I could restrict internet access to whom I allow within the BSNL DataOne settings page?

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    I've reset the router.............................
    presume you could not access menu pages of Netgear ,
    but still your wifi mode is working .
    Copy/Paste this data ( omitting Tunnel data )
    Start RUN cmd Ok
    New window
    Type ipconfig /all

    Modem access and Router access IP address will be seen.

    Option 2 :
    Disconnect modem.
    See the label on the Net gear router.
    any default IP address shown ? try that.
    Presume ID is admin and Password )admin or blank .
    and in LAN page type for future access.

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    I would suggest you first connect directly to the wifi router using an ethernet cable and configure the security protocol and other settings. Once done, you may configure the modem in PPPoE and connect it to the wifi router....

    for the router, the IP may (?) be or
    username would most probably be "admin" and the password may be "admin" or blank....

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