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    Default bsnl broadband modem out of stock, brought one, wont work

    bsnl folks in kerala are saying that they are out of stock on modems in kerala.
    So right now they've given me a loaner non-wireless modem which works
    very well. But i went to the market and bought a belkin wireless router which doesnt connect. I tried entering the admin user and vci stuff of 0/35, didnt work. What can I try next?


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    Mention model/number. of Belkins ( adsl modem+wif router ????)
    as well as "Loaned" adsl modem. " BSNl type I .
    Connect ADSL modem in "Always On" PPPoE mode.
    ( USERID/PW entered/stored in WAN page of modem )
    Enable DHCP.
    In Belkins Change LAN address to say

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    Default router model #

    thanks essebe:
    my belkin router is basic n150 wireless modem router
    trying the lan ip change now will let you know how it goes.
    any other suggestions based on the model number above,
    please can you let me know some other things to try, thanks again.

    teracom model # T1-B-DSL699E9-4U6-5
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