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Plan Change and Billing Problem

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    Default Plan Change and Billing Problem


    I recently changed my plan from Home 500C+ to ULD 900. I changed my plan around the 15th of last month and I almost used my 2.5 GB by then.
    Then the SDE told me that because I used 2.3 GB out of 2.5 GB at the time when I changed the plan, I will be paying for extra usage.

    Now I got a bill of Rs. 3453. What should I do?

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    Default Bill for Rs 3453/=

    plan Home 500 C+ till May 14th free day quota approx 1200MB
    Plan change ULD900 May 15th....
    Excess day BW used till May 14th 2300MB less 1200= 1100MB ( approx )

    Period of BILL 01/05/2011 to 31/05/2011

    @ 20paise /MB for first 1100MB Rs 220/=

    Excess payment due for data usage Rs 210/=
    Advance BB rent one month Rs 900/= ( deduct Rs 600 if paid for Home 500C)
    Rent for 15 days Rs 450/=
    Rent for Home 500C Rs 300 /=
    Telephone rent ............NIL
    Modem rent if any Rs __
    Telephone calls if any Rs ________
    Tax at 10% .................. .Rs_____ ( except on Rs 900 SD)
    surcharge .3 % .................Rs ___________
    Total ..............................Rs _________________
    Attach screen shot(JPG) of Usage from Portal Showing SUMMARY.
    Deduct 1.2GB from total shown.
    You may have overlapping Day/NU.
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