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Got bsnl wifi Modem Adapter Corrupted,need help in getting new one

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    Default Got bsnl wifi Modem Adapter Corrupted,need help in getting new one

    Hey there!
    please help me,i got my modem adapter corrupted,please suggest me a cheap and good router upto 1.5K maximum,not even 1600 Rs/-
    You can also suggest me cheap one,upto 1.1k.
    i can't surf the web now through my Bsnl Broadband as the modem warranty is also over now,2 years have been passed out.
    the warranty/guarantee should also be good minimum 2 years.

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    Check with local electrical technicians, they may be able to give you a spare adapter.

    Alternatively you can get a modem for rent from BSNL at Rs. 50 (non wifi) or Rs. 80 for wifi modem.

    More details :

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    Thanks meetdilip for the reply.
    But dude,this modem has been proved as (manhus)sorry for the word,but i have many times got it repaired/replaced 100 times i have changed Adapter and 200 times i have changed Modem.
    Please suggest me a cheap modem.

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