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Firmware for Nokia Siemens Residential Router 1600

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    Default Firmware for Nokia Siemens Residential Router 1600

    Dear all,

    i have flushed my Nokia Siemens Residential Router 1600 with Betel firm ware and now i am not getting WIFI menu,Kindly let me know where can i get firmware for Nokia Siemens Residential Router 1600 so that i can revert back the same.
    My Modem details as below -

    Board ID - 96338W2
    Software Version ID - V89.2.01.01
    Firmware Version - 3.12L.BSNL_01.A2pB023k.d20k_rc2
    Bootloader(CFE) Version - 1.0.37-12.1
    Wireless Driver Version -

    Shivaprasad D

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    Check out Firmware for Bipac 5200S(A) Similar situation. Flashed a perfectly working modem with inappropriate firmware. Now searching for the original firmware without realizing that the modem has been bricked and cannot be revived.

    Two firmware for this modem can be found at Modem-Help: mfcs_S/Siemens/SL2-141-I Contents Once again - flash the modem at your risk.

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    You can try here Beete450BXI firmware.

    You have the latest firmware.
    Did you enable wireless in the modem ?

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    Its Hard to find the original firmware but you can try the utstarcom firmware

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    Thumbs up Nokia Siemens Residential Router 1600 type II (wi-fi) firmware

    Nokia Siemens Residential Router 1600 type II (wi-fi) firmware is quite similar to utstarcom type II modems...

    Download the firmware from this link:
    www(dot)4shared(dot)com(slash)zip(slash)6rtTwqEs(s lash)NokiaSiemens1600Firmware(dot)html


    let me tell you the steps I followed by which my UTStarcom WA3002G4 modem/router was reborn!

    Here we go. Simple steps followed :

    1) Connect the router/modem to PC using ethernet cable and have the power adapter connected to the router/modem as well.

    2) Power on(duh!).

    3) Manually assign a static IP-Address to your PC(Any IP-Address would do as per my experience, say with subnet mask Don't worry about other stuffs - Default Gateway, Preferred DNS, Alternate DNS, blah blah - Let them be blank. No problem. Now the connection status should be "connected" instead of "Limited or No Connectivity".

    4) Switch off the router/modem using the power button at the back.

    5) Keep the hard-rest button(micro-switch accessible through a round pin-hole/tiny hole at the bottom of the modem/router near its right-leg(cushion) - Easily, this tiny hole can be missed amidst the square holes present to help in the ventilation) pressed with a refill/ball-point pen tip.

    6) Switch on the router/modem using the power button at the back - Keep it pressed for 2 secs before releasing - Better not to use technique - Plug-out and plug-in the adapter from socket - Reason? I will share in the end - Don't want to obstruct the flow.

    7) After a short while(few secs), you will be able to see the ping command displaying receiving so and so bytes etc with a TTL value of 100(boot loader is up!).

    8) Now, in your PC browser keep on refreshing the page

    9) You must see a page asking to "choose a file" to upload the appropriate firmware - At this juncture I chose the BSNL Dataone firmware I had downloaded and my browser(Chrome) showed the progress of the upload in its bottom-left corner. There after it started showing the page with the information indicating it will take about 2 mins to flash the uploaded firmware and that the modem/router will automatically reboot thereafter(You should see the change in connection status from Network cable unplugged to plugged to Connected with Limited or No Connectivity as we yet don't have the DSL connection in place once the flashing is done and the router/modem reboots).

    10) That's it. The router/modem is reborn! \m/ If needed, reboot(soft-reset using the power button at the back) once and you shall be able to access the much needed - Time to celebrate!
    Note: that the hard-reset button has to be kept pressed all these while(1-9 if needed until 10th step also). Otherwise, the boot-loader will move ahead and try to load the wrong firmware unaware of its incorrectness! Yeah, continuous ping(ping -t replies with TTL 100 is very crucial to the success of the flash.

    Hope this helps someone in future if at all has same problem, though its lengthy and has some unnecessary info here and there!

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