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Checking BB usage In BSNL karnataka circle

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    Default Checking BB usage In BSNL karnataka circle

    hello my fellow BSNL Broadband users in karnataka circle having Home 500 C plan or any other limited usage plan!you are aware that presently is the portal for checking BB usage details through Internet Explorer only.I happened to find out accidentally that we in karnataka can still access portal on Firefox browser and check usage quickly unlike through the new portal through IE. earlier I was accessing through Firefox browser which now has come in handy.hope this information will be of some use to you all.

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    Good information.
    Rep 26++
    But probably as an old user you could get the 14digit alphanumeric Portal Id and PW to log in
    Now New users have to register at
    Presume you also used your OWN selected Id and PW here.

    Please confirm you used different ID's.

    Para two:
    As an user in CHENNAI i can check usage only at ,
    and Datafox. ( with FireFox 8.0) Also can work in Google Chrome.
    Rest TamilNadu circle users only at self care portal.
    will wait for any feedback on above information.

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    I am old user & able to check the uses. Just you need to re-register.

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